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Lending Club

Lending Club Eliminates the High Cost and Complexity of Traditional Banks and You Profit

Welcome to Lending Club Reviews. Here you will find what exactly is Lending Club and how it works with your finances.  Read on to find out how Lending Club can benefit you, whether you’re interested in investing or borrowing through peer to peer.

What is Lending Club?

Lending Club is a breakthrough in social lending, which essentially eliminates the overhead of a traditional bank to bring lower costs to borrowers and better returns to investors.

Lending Club matches individual people who want to borrow money with private lenders that are interested in funding private loans through peer to peer social lending. The service is fairly selective, and only accepts borrowers with excellent credit.

Top Reasons to Use Lending Club

  • Leadership: Lending Club is the world leader in peer-to-peer lending, with over $6M in new loans each month
  • Ease of Use: The interface is top notch, allowing borrowers to quickly apply for a loan and for lenders to be 100% selective in who they lend money to
  • Quick Approvals: The application process for borrowers takes just 3 minutes
  • Great Rates: Both borrowers and investors benefit from Lending Club’s low overhead